Let's Talk Vendor Events

Let's Talk Vendor Events

All crafters at some point have either been in or at a craft or vendor show. We are either vendors or shoppers. I am more likely to be a vendor versus a shopper. How else am I going to get rid of all the stuff I make? So let's talk about being a vendor and some of the pain points we encounter. 

Finding the Right Show

I have participated in events where I have sold nothing. I have participated in events where I just about sold out of everything I brought. How do you find the good ones? What I have learned is to look for shows that have been ongoing for many years. One show I did last year was the 58th year. I knew it was going to be a good show. The process to sign up for the show was seamless and easy. Set up was organized and easy and the organizer was super friendly and helpful. On the other side, I did a last minute show and it was awful! Organization was terrible. They provided tables but told me they were 6 foot but when I got there they were 8 foot long. I didn't have tablecloths for 8 foot tables. There was probably only 15 vendors and probably a total of 100 shoppers the whole day. I think I may have just covered my costs on that show. I won't be doing that again. 

When deciding which craft shows to join, it's important to consider the following factors:

  1. Target audience: Research the demographics of the show's attendees and determine if they align with your target market.

  2. Show reputation: Look for shows that have a good reputation, have been around for a while, and have a large number of attendees.

  3. Competition: Research the other vendors who will be participating in the show, and consider whether the level of competition is appropriate for your business.

  4. Cost: Carefully review the costs associated with the show, including booth fees, travel expenses, and any additional costs, and compare them to the potential revenue.

  5. Location and Date: Consider the location of the show and the date of the event. Make sure the show is in a location that is convenient for you and your target audience. Also, consider how the date will affect your sales.

  6. Promotion and Marketing: Look for shows that offer marketing and promotion opportunities such as website listing, social media promotion, and email marketing.

  7. Feedback: Look for shows that provide feedback on your performance and offer suggestions for improvement.

  8. Organizer's support: Look for shows that have a good relationship with the organizer and provide support for the vendors.

By considering these factors, you can choose craft shows that are a good fit for your business and that offer the best opportunity for success.

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